Aldinger Families of York County, Pennsylvania

Source: "Aldinger Family Register"
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York, Pa.

    Christopher Aldinger, the first to come to America, was the son of Mathias Aldinger. He was a farmer and a vine grower in Fellbach, Württemberg, Germany. He was married to Miss Ruff and with his wife and seven children started for the "new world" in 1817. His pass was given and sealed June 11th, 1817. They landed at Philadelphia, but soon came to York County, where they lived first in Windsor Township, then in Dover Township, where he taught school on the present site of Strayer's Church. Finally they located permanently in Heidelberg Township, where they both died and were buried at Bear's Meeting House. He was the father of seven children, as follows: Margaret, married Jacob Mengertalen; Barbara, married Mathias Rickley; Christiana, married Michael Lentz; Fredericka, married Christian Wagner; Elisabeth, unmarried; Louisa, married Henry Welk; and *Christopher, Frederick, married Elisabeth Myers.

    *Christopher Frederick Aldinger, son of Christopher Aldinger, was born in Wurttemberg, Germany, August 14, 1798, and came with his father to this country in 1817, being nineteen years of age. He first learned the shoemaking trade, but soon tired of it, preferring to work in Mr. Rife's distillery in Adams County. He worked there five years then went to work for Abraham Myers in the distillery in York County. While there he married his employer's daughter, Elizabeth, so named after her mother, Elizabeth (Erb) Myers, who was a native of Lancaster County. Soon after their marriage they moved on a farm near Hanover, Pa., and lived there fourteen years. Then they bought a farm in York Township, lived there four years then sold out, in order to go west and try farming near Muscatine, Iowa, but only stayed one year then came back and bought the adjoining farm to their former home in Springgarden Township, York County, where he died April 6, 1882, at the age of eighty-three years. His wife was born May 4, 1809, and died January 3, 1899, at the age of eighty-nine years. She was laid to rest beside her husband in the cemetery at Jacobus. He was the father of 12 children, as follows: John M., born Oct. 5, 1828; Abraham, born Nov. 26, 1829; Emanuel, born Sept. 26, 1831; a twin sister of Emanuel died in infancy; Jacob, born Feb. 22, 1833; Anna Elizabeth, born Dec. 7, 1834; William, born April 7, 1836; Daniel, born Dec. 14, 1837; Joel, born 1839, died in infancy; Barbara born Oct. 11, 1841; Mathias, born Dec. 4, 1843, and Abraham, born Dec. 21, 1847.

    Christian Aldinger, the second son of the Aldinger family to come to America, was the son of Matthias Aldinger and a brother of Christopher Aldinger, who came to America in 1817, was born April 28, 1787 in Fellbach, Germany. Both brothers started for America as the same time. Christian with his family emigrated to England, where he resided one year, two of his children dying there. In 1818 he came to America and settled in Lancaster County, Pa., near Elizabethtown, where he died as a result of an accident, whil hauling lumber, May 2, 1847, aged sixty years and four days. His wife, Josephine Eckinger, was born April 10, 1786, in Fellbach, Germany, and died September 11, 1872, aged eighty-six years. They had 13 children. Eleven grew to man and womanhood.

    Joseph Aldinger, the oldest son of Christian Aldinger, was born in Fellbach, Germany, on June 10, 1809. He resided in Lancaster County, Pa., the greater part of his life. He was the father of 6 children, four daughters and two sons, and died January 25, 1890, at the age of eighty years.

    Louise Aldinger was the second child and born in Fellbach, Germany, on July 26, 1812. She was married to Jacob Knoll. Three daughters and two sons were born to them. She died in Stark County, Ohio, December 15, 1893 at the age of eighty-one years.

    John Aldinger, the third child, was also born in Fellbach, Germany. He marrried while in Lancaster County and in 1850 moved to Iowa, where he was accidentally killed by his brother-in-law while hunting, November 10, 1856, leaving a widow and 4 small children.

    Andrew Aldinger, the fourth child, was born in Fellbach, Germany, October 18, 1816. He was married to Catharine Knoll, and several years later moved to Stark County, Ohio. Three children were born to them. He died October 10, 1860, aged forty years.

    Christian Aldinger, the fifth child, was but a few months old when the family came to America. He married Catharine Shearer, who died a few years later, leaving one child, Jacob. He again married, his second wife being Nancy Aungst. To this marriage 6 sons and 4 daughters were born. In 1865 he moved to Stark County, Ohio, where he resided until his death, February 18, 1898, at the age of seventy-nine years.

    Elizabeth Aldinger, the sixth child, who was born in Lancaster County, Pa., December 27, 1820, was married to Joseph Huntsberger. She was the mother of 6 children who all resided in Pennsylvania. She died September 8, 1903, at the age of eighty-two years.

    Mary Aldinger, the seventh child, was born in Lancaster County, Pa., October 25, 1823. She was married to John Huntsberger. In 1850 they located near Muscatine, Iowa. She was the mother of 6 children and died May 12, 1903, aged seventy-nine years.

    Sarah Aldinger, the eighth child, was born in 1825. She was married to Samuel Shrader and moved to Iowa in 1850. Five children were born to them, 3 sons and 2 daughters, all living in Iowa. She died November 25, 1891, in her sixty-sixth year.

    Hannah Aldinger, the ninth child, was born in Lancaster County, Pa., September 5, 1827. She was married to William Myers. Seven children were born to them, 5 sons and 2 daughters. She died November 3, 1902 at the age of seventy-five years.

    Cathrine Aldinger, the tenth child, was born in Lancaster County, Pa., November 29, 1828. She was married to Henry Kaylor and was the mother of 9 children. All resided in Lancaster County, Pa.

    Susan Aldinger, the youngest of the family, was born in Lancaster County, Pa., in 1832. She was married to Joseph Gruber. Nine children were born to them. They with their family moved to Illinois.

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