Aldinger Family facts and tidbits

Most of our Aldinger ancestors immigrated to the USA in the 19th century departed the Port of Bremen, Germany, and arrived at Castle Hills, New York City, or at Philadelphia. Ellis Island in New York City accepted immigration in the year 1892.

Dr. Manfred Woerner, his mother an Aldinger, formerly the General Secretary of NATO, died on August 13, 1994, after a long battle with cancer.

On October 13, 1944 Captain Hermann Aldinger received the telephone call at the Rommel home which said, "Fieldmarshal Rommel, he is dead"!

In 1939 the original Aldinger family book, "Die Sippe der Aldinger", was published as documentation and verification of complete Aryan blood of the Aldigner family which was requested by the German government prior to World War II.

Engraved on the bell of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Fellbach, Germany, is the name of Buergermeister (Mayor) Michael Aldinger (1621-1677).

Johannes August Aldinger, born September 22, 1871, was a well-known, respected German artist/painter who has paintings hanging on the walls of the Burgholzhof Estate in Stuttgart, Germany.

Dr. David Aldinger, born in 1646, was a world-famous surgeon in India from 1670 to 1677.

Christian Stephan Aldinger was the "first" Aldinger to immigrate to America in 1804.

The "Aldinger Family 500th Year Reunion", attended by more than 200 Aldinger family members from all over the world, was held in Fellbach, Germany, on September 19, 1992.

The address of the Association of the Aldinger family is:
c/o Mr. Guenter Aldinger
Stettener Strasse 7
D-70734 Fellbach

As recorded in the book, "Emigrants from Fellbach" 1735-1930, published by Clifford Neal Smith, 36 Aldinger family members had immigrated to America from Fellbach, Germany, during this time.

Aldinger Drive, approximately 3 miles long, winds through the farmlands of the Dallastown area in York County, Pennsylvania. Likewise, Aldinger Road is located in Seven Valleys, near York, Pennsylvania, and Aldinger Strasse connects the towns of Aldingen, Remseck, and Muehlhausen in the suburbs of Stuttgart, Germany.

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