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The name Aldinger is familiar in most parts of Germany, for the family records go back almost to the beginning of the Christian era A.D. 56, when Theobald Aldinger lived in Augsburg. While a complete genealogy had been in the library of Vienna, the American descend- ants have no record other until A.D. 500, in the time of King Rudolph. Pelagius and Andrew Aldinger lived in Augsburg. These families spread to Bavaria, Swabia, and Switzerland.

Following the lines we come to Ulrich Aldinger, who was High Bailiff of Augsburg about A.D. 1100 and who left three sons, Ulrich, Nickolas, and Theodore Aldinger. Nickolas was manager and director of whole- sale merchants at Leipzig, but afterwards went back to Augsburg. His descendants by his four sons scattered through Saxony, Silesia and northern Germany. Theodore moved to Cologne on the Rhine and from him the American branch traces its descent.

Christopher Aldinger, the first to come to America, was the son of Matthias Aldinger. He was a farmer and vine grower in Fellbach, Württemberg. He was married to Miss Ruff and with his wife and seven children started for the New World in 1817. His pass was given and sealed June 11th. They landed at Philadelphia, but soon came to York County, where they lived first in Windsor Township, then in Dover Township, where he taught school on the present site of Heidelberg Town- ship, where they both died and were buried at Bear's Meeting House.

C. Frederick Aldinger, son of Christopher Aldinger, was born in Württemberg, Germany, August 14, 1789, and came with his father to this country in 1817, being nineteen years of age. He first learned the shoemaking trade, but soon tired of it, preferring to work in Mr. Rife's distillery in Adams County. He worked there five years then went to work for Abraham Myers in the distillery in York County. While there he married his employer's daughter, Elizabeth, so named after his mother, Elizabeth (Erb) Myers, who was a native of Lancaster County. Soon after their marriage, they moved on a farm near Hanover, Pennsylvania, and lived there fourteen years. Then they bought a farm in York Township, lived there four four years, then sold out in order to go west and try farming near Muscatine, Iowa, but only stayed one year then came back and bought the adjoining farm in their former home in York Township, York County, Pennsylvania. (Note: "This is one connection between the Aldinger families of Iowa and the Aldinger families of Pennsylvania"!!!)

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