A letter Don Aldinger personally received from NATO General Secretary Manfred Woerner

Dr. Manfred Woerner
Secretary General
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Boulevard Leopold
1110 Bruxelles

September 1, 1993
Mr. Don Aldinger
Allentown, Pennsylvania 18069

Dear Mr. Aldinger,

I was very pleased to receive your letter of 5th August.

You are right. On my mother's side I am descended from the Aldinger family from Fellbach. My grandfather was called Hermann Aldinger and lived in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt. I too was born and grew up there. We are thus related to the Aldinger family from Fellbach. For that reason, I was also at the family reunion in Fellbach.

Unfortunately time does not permit to get into details of family history. I hope you will understand.

In response to your other request, I am sending you my curriculum vitae, from which you can trace my career.

If you come to Germany, we shall perhaps be able to arrange a meeting. I should be pleased if we could.

        With very best wishes,

          Yours sincerely,

            Dr. Manfred Woerner
            Secretary General

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