American Aldinger soldiers serving in World War I

Name Birthdate Birthplace Residence
George Paul Aldinger 10-18-1873 Cincinnati, OH Florida
Bernard Aldinger 1-23-1894 Sutherland, IA Iowa
Harry J. Aldinger 1-25-1890 What Cheer, IA Iowa
Willard L. Aldinger 3-16-1900 (unknown) Iowa
Lloyd D. Aldinger 6-16-1886 What Cheer, IA Washington
William Fred Aldinger 11-3-1888 Pforzheim, Germany New York
Charles Gottfried Aldinger 10-2-1876 Germany New York
Gustav Aldinger 9-1-1880 Germany New York
Charles E. Aldinger 12-20-1882 York, Pa. New York
Rudolf Aldinger 2-26-1875 Germany New York
William J. Aldinger 6-17-1894 New York, NY New York
Harry E. Aldinger 4-5-1878 (unknown) New York

Note: Four Aldinger soldiers were born in Germany and fought against their homeland during World War I.

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