Captain William Tyson Aldinger, USN

Executive Officer

United States Naval Oceanographic Office

Captain William Tyson Aldinger, a native of Eastechester in New York, attended the United States Naval Academy and graduated with the class of 1974. While at the Naval Academy, he completed extended training cruises aboard USS SHREVEPORT (LPD-12) and USS LEWIS AND CLARK (SSBN-644). He was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree (oceanography) in June 1974.

Following his graduation, he reported for duty aboard USS VOGE (DE-1047) and served in the Engineering Department (Electrical Officer), Operations Department (CIC Officer), and as the Ship's Navigator. After noteworthy watchstation assignments as Tactical Action Officer and Special Operations/General Quarters Officer of the Deck, he was designated a Surface Warfare Officer in December 1976.

Captain Aldinger reported to the Naval Postgraduate School in August 1977. He was accepted for a designator transfer to the Special Duty-Geophysics community during the tour. Changing curricula, he graduated with a Master of Science degee in oceanography and meteorology in December 1979. He attended Class One of the Geophysics Technical Readiness Laboratory and was subsequently assigned to the Naval Western Oceanography Center (NAVWESTOCEANCEN), Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, in March 1980. At NAVWESTOCEANCEN, he qualified as a regional forecaster and Command Duty Officer and became the first Branch Head of the newly transferred Pacific and Indian Ocean Optimum Track Ship routing Division. In addition, he was assigned as the principal environmental briefer to the commander in Chief, Pacific Command.

In October 1983, Captain Aldinger became the first oceanographer assigned to the Astronaut Office at Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas. In this capacity, he served as a single point of contact within the office of Navy-sponsored manned spaceflight environmental science. This tour culminated with the successful flight of a Navy oceanographer on STS-41G in October 1984.

In July 1985, Captain Aldinger reported for duty as oceanographer aboard USS ENTERPRISE (CVN-65) with additional duty to Commander Carrier Group 3. During this tour, he was the Senior Officer of the Deck for the first transit of a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier through the Suez Canal, for contingency operations off the coast of Libya, and for a wintertime transit of the Cape of Good Hope. Captain Aldinger reported in September 1987 to the Fleet Numerical Oceanography Center in Monterey, California, where he served as Fleet Applications Departmet Head and Director of Operations.

In May 1991, Captain Aldinger assumed command of the Naval Oceanography Command Facility, San Diego, California, with additional duty to Command, Naval Surface Forces, Pacific and Commander, Naval Air Forces, Pacific. In August 1993, he reported as Assistant Chief of Staff, Operations Department, for the Commander, Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command at Stennis Space Center, Mississippi. In January 1995, he reported to his present assignment as Executive Officer for the Naval Oceanographic Office at Stennis Space Center, Mississippi.

Captain Aldingers personal awards and decorations include the Meritiorious Service Medal with two gold stars, the Navy Commendation Medal with gold star, the Navy Achievement Medal, the Navy Expenditionary Medal (Libya), and various other service and deployment-related ribbons.

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