Descendants of Christian Aldinger (1854-1923) and Marie Keller Aldinger (1852-1926)

Christian Aldinger, born 1854 in Fellbach, Germany, and his wife, Marie Keller Aldinger, born 1852 in Lorch, Germany, departed the Port of Bremen on the ship, "Prinzessin Irene of Bremen" on January 4, 1881, and arrived at Castle Gardens, New York Harbor, on March 23, 1881, with their 4 small children. (oldest child being Karoline Keller, daughter prior to marriage) Christian and Marie Aldinger arrived at Castle Gardens, South Manhattan, New York City, with Karoline Keller, and their 3 children Elizabeth, Charles, and Emil.

Christian and Marie Aldinger resided at 1205 E. 4th Street, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and Christian gained successful employment at the Bethlehem Steel Company in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Today, both Christian and Marie Aldinger are buried at St. Joseph's Cemetery, Bethlehem.

The 9 children of Christian and Marie Aldinger are:

  1. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Aldinger Benner (1875-1941), married Frederick U. Benner and resided in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Elizabeth and Frederick were the parents of 3 children, Rollin Peter Benner (1903-1968), Marguerite Benner Flammer (1906- ), and Frederick Benner (1908-1973). The families of Richard and Carl Flammer reside in Florida. The family of Charlotte Benner Johnson reside in New Jersey and the family of Fred Benner in Indiana. Today, Elizabeth Aldinger Benner and her husband, Frederick Benner, are buried in the Bethlehem Memorial Cemetery, Bethlehem, Pa.

  2. Charles Christian Aldinger (1877-1949), born in Fellbach, Germany and was the oldest son of Christian and Marie Aldinger. Charles' first wife, Elsie Zweifel Aldinger, deceased in 1905 and is buried immediately to the right of Christian and Marie Aldinger at St. Joseph's Cemetery in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Elsie Zweifel Aldinger died five years after giving birth to their only child, Joseph Frederick Aldinger (1900-1965). Charles worked for Bethlehem Steel Co., Bethlehem, Pa. His second wife, Cora H. Keener Aldinger, and Charles are buried at the Bethlehem Memorial Cemetery (crypt division), Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

  3. Emil Aldinger (1880-1901), born in Fellbach, Germany, died at the age of 21 years due to an industrial accident at the Bethlehem Steel Co., Bethlehem, Pennyslvania. Emil is buried at the St. Joseph's Cemetery, Bethlehem, Pa., with his parents, Christian and Marie Aldinger.

  4. Herman Aldinger (1882-1943), was the third son of Christian and Marie Aldinger and the first child to be born in the United States. Herman married Anna K. Aldinger, who died in 1927. Then, Herman married Anna Call Aldinger. Herman was a laborer at the Bethlehem Steel Co., Bethlehem, Pa., and lived at 1255 Mechanics Street, Bethlehem, Pa. Herman Aldinger is buried Bethlehem Memorial Cemetery, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, with both his wives.

  5. William Aldinger (1883-1929), 4th son of Christian and Marie Aldinger, was a machinist at the Bethlehem Steel Co., married Ruth Herbst and fathered 2 sons. William and Ruth Aldinger lived at 1275 Mechanics Street, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. William and Ruth's one son, Robert Milton, was born January 20, 1904, and died January 30, 1904. William and Ruth Aldinger are buried at the Fairview Cemetery in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

  6. Edward Albert Aldinger (1887-1959).
    Edward and his wife Mary Aldinger were childless but adopted a child, Mary Bogart Aldinger. Today, Edward and Mary Aldinger are buried at the Holy Savior Cemetery in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

  7. Harvey ("Harry") Samuel Aldinger (1888-1933)
    Harvey married Edna Leidner Aldinger (1893-1970) but fathered a child prior to the marriage with Elizabeth Lakey in 1909, the child being Charles William Aldinger (1909-1949), the father of Don Aldinger. Harvey and Edna Aldinger's son, Robert Samuel Aldinger was born in 1912 and died in 1948. Harvey and Edna were married in 1912 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Harvey and Edna are buried in the Bethlehem Memorial Cemetery, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania along with their son, Robert Samuel Aldinger, and Harvey and Elizabeth Lakey's son, Charles William Aldinger, died in 1949.

  8. Anna May Aldinger McNamee (1893-1931), the second daughter of Christian and Marie Aldinger. Anna May married Robert Emmett McNamee and resided in the Alpha-Phillipsburg area of New Jersey and today are buried at the St. Phillip-St. James' Cemetery, Alpha, New Jersey.

  9. Albert Leonard Aldinger (1897-1966) was the youngest child of Christian and Marie Aldinger. Albert and his second wife, Kathryn, lived at 1163 E. 4th Street, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Albert worked as a custodian and a tip staff clerk at the Northampton County Municipal Building. Albert and Kathryn Trimble Aldinger were the parents of 3 children, Katherine Aldinger Kelleher, Helen "Honey" Aldinger Ambrose, and Albert Aldinger Jr. Albert Leonard Aldinger and his wife, Kathryn Trimble Aldinger, are buried in the Bethlehem Memorial Cemetery, near the gravesites of Harvey "Harry" Aldinger and "Lizzie" Aldinger Benner.

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