History of the Aldinger Family from Fellbach, Germany

One of the oldest families in Fellbach are the Aldingers. As much as presently known, they originate from the village Aldingen at the Neckar river. Already in the year 1347 there appeared a judge in Schmiden with the name Bentz the Aldinger. From the year 1354 it is known that Wertz the Aldinger in Uhlbach possessed house, yard, fields and vineyards, and from 1378 there is a Kunz Aldinger as judge in Schmiden recorded. In Fellbach, according to the 1939 records of a pastor from Kleinbottwar, Dr. Paul Aldinger -who wrote his own family book about the Aldingers - is the family name from 1492 on very often mentioned in documents and stock records of the Uff-Church in Cannstatt, to which also the citizens of Fellbach had to submit their tenth. Mentioned here is Bentz Aldinger from the year 1492, who had part of the former Schaeffhauer-Hof, which was held by Ulrich Schaeff and was located 'besides highway' toward the Cannstatter Weg and was allocated to the farmers in Fellbach. As a person mentioned responsible for the so-called Mackenlehen was, besides Caspar Schmid, also Hans Aldinger, who had to pay interest in 1522 and gave parts of the farm to various citizens of Fellbach. This Aldinger also farmed half of a farm at Erbach.
Later appeared as responsible bodies for the Mackenlehen Michael Aldinger and Lorentz Aldinger who lived from 1510 to 1569 and had six children from his two marriages. The names of the oldest parts of the family of Lorentz Aldinger also appear in the oldest church books in Fellbach; they belonged since the Reformation to the evangelical church. How this family further branched out is apparent from the family book belonging to the vinegrower Gerhard Aldinger, who has now, together with some others with the same name in Fellbach, taken on the task to continue writing the family history of the last 50 years. The oldest child of Lorenz was Hans Aldinger, who was born around 1539 and was farmer as well as mayor of Fellbach. One of his brothers was Friedrich Aldinger, who has been recorded in Stuttgart since 1606 and from whom the Stuttgart family (of the Aldingers) originated. Hans, who had a house near the parsonage and fields in Dieppachweg, was married twice. His oldest son Hans died in Fellbach at the age of 55 from plague. The marriage book from that time contains only very few entries. Whereas previously the women often died of puerperal fever and the widowers then frequently married a second or third time, so were after the epidemic only few people left in Fellbach and in post Waiblingen.
In the Fellbach stock book of 1658 a son of Hans appears, the mayor Johannes Aldinger, who was born in 1611 and also married four times. He had 17 children and died in 1676. His brother Michael was mayor of Fellbach after him. He donated for the May Fest from his rich cellar for each schoolchild a small drink of wine, as is reported 1681 in the Fellbach church book. And the single sons and daughters were granted a special honor dance on the 'painted open plaza'.
From the second marriage of his older brother Johannes with the widow Agathe Friz originated Hans-Joerg Aldinger, who was born 1640 and was also mayor of Fellbach. Also his brother David, who was born in 1646, was mayor and surgeon in Fellbach. The seventh generation is headed in the Aldinger family book by Johann Bernhard, the oldest son of Hans-Joerg, who was born 1663 and, among other things, was two years a prisoner of war in France. He was with 30 others from Fellbach, who were recruited for defense by the ruler of the state, taken by surprise by the French in the town of Bretten and then sent to the fortresses of Philppsburg, to Strassburg, and even to Spain from where he was able to escape. In the Fellbach church book it says: 'From these here recorded 31 Fellbach prisoners has the faithful God and merciful Father finally brought back here again the Johann Bernhard Aldinger, after wonderful direction and guidance, fresh and healthy to his dear wife, children and parents on 23 December 1690.' And this Johann or Hans-Bernhard Aldinger also took on the winegrowing again in Fellbach. He had six children and one nephew, Adam, the son of Friedrich David Aldinger, born on 17 January 1733 in Stetten. He became school principal in Gerlingen and recited a poem at the funeral of Friedrich Schiller's sister Caroline Christiane on the Gerlingen cemetery in which it says: 'Melancholic tear-sorrow at the early grave of the well blessed virgin Caroline Christiane Schillerin, sung by Adam Aldinger, school principal in Gerlingen.' In the Fellbach family register unfortunately nothing is said about Simon Aldinger, born on 31 January 1694 in Fellbach as son of Hans Bernhard Aldinger. Also about his son Bernhard, born on 9 November 1723 in Fellbach, it is only reported that he was a winegrower and was married to Katharine Pfeiffer from Wendlingen. His son Bernhard in the tenth generation, born on 11 October 1770, married Anna Barbara Tochtermann from Beinstein and had seven children. His oldest son Christian Friedrich, who was born on 6 January 1804 in Fellbach, emigrated in 1831 to Russia and settled there in Hoffnungsthal in the Gouvernement Cherson, where he married Katherine Of from Beinstein. According to the findings of pastor Paul Aldinger, since 1804 emigrated from the Aldinger family in Fellbach 71 persons to America and 20 persons to Russia.
Among them was another son of Bernhard, namely Johann Daniel. The other son Bernhard, who was born in 1807, stayed at home and continued the winegrowing trade which ownership was transferred in the twelfth generation to son Johann Christian. In the family register nothing is said about this family and about the family of his cousin Gottlieb Friedrich Aldinger, who was born on 14 June 1851 in Fellbach and died in Untertuerkheim as carpenter.
From the twelfth generation on unfortunately the recordings in the family register become much more sparse because the author limits himself to only the order of names of the individual Aldinger branches up to the 21. Generation.

By Erich Ruckgaber, former editor in chief of Fellbacher Zeitung, originally published probably in mid 1980s

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