Frequently Asked Questions

Who and why set up this homepage?

This homepage was built to serve as an information and meeting center for Aldinger Family Members around the world. The initiative came from myself, Joerg Aldinger, Germany, and I'm doing the technical stuff, layout, design, etc. If you like to receive the Aldinger Newsletter you will have to write to Don Aldinger, PA. In case you're looking for Aldingers in America he'd be the person to talk to, as he knows many of them. Should you be trying to trace your roots back to German Aldingers try contacting my father Theo Aldinger, Germany, as he is always trying to fill in the gaps in the Aldinger Book and eager to help.
You probably wonder who I am, so I'll tell you a few things about me: I'm a german Aldinger, and I grew up in Schwaikheim, Baden-Württemberg, which is close to Fellbach and Stuttgart. Fellbach is the city where most of today's Aldingers have their origins. My parents were both born in Fellbach. I was born in April 1977, so I'm 23 years old at the moment. I am studying International Business in Heilbronn, about 60 km north of Stuttgart.

How can I support the ongoing development of this homepage?

You can help me in many ways! But most importantly, if you have any contributions, please email them to me! This homepage is worth nothing without all the information from various Aldingers out there.