The Aldinger Family Picture Gallery

Below you can find some photos of Aldingers from around the world.
Please e-mail me with your photos so I can include them in the list!

Kelly & Jörg Aldinger (Schwaikheim, Germany, in June 1997)
Kelly, Stacie & Theo Aldinger (Fellbach, Germany, in June 1997)
Jörg Aldinger (Grindelwald, Switzerland, in March 1997)
Theo Aldinger (Schwaikheim, Germany, in July 1997)
An Aldinger Family in 1899 (Published in a US newspaper in 1977)
German Aldingers in Canada (Beamsville, Canada, 1999)
German Aldingers arriving to York (York, PA, 1999)
Guestbook of the York Family reunion (York, PA, 1999)
GŁnter Aldinger (York, PA, 1999)
Carmen and Barbara Aldinger (York, PA, 1999)
Traditional dance group (York, PA, 1999)
German Aldingers in Washington, D.C. (Washington, D.C., 1999)
Family Tree of the Aldinger Families in Glendive, Montana