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Ladies and Gentlemen,
Friends in Genealogy,
Dear member of the Aldinger Family,

if you are interested in your family roots, we would like to offer an unique opportunity. A new volume about your family has just come out:

"Die Aldinger - Beiträge zur Familiengeschichte" (in English: "The Aldinger's")

This volume is compiled and published by the well known genealogist Manuel Aicher in 1996.

The Aldinger's roots are found in the Stuttgart area in Germany. All later Aldinger's originated from this original Aldinger family. In the Stuttgart area the Aldinger family spread into 5 different places: the biggest Aldinger family is from Fellbach, one clan is from Wendlingen, anothers are from Stuttgart, Schwann and Waiblingen. All of the Aldinger family lines are found in these 525 pages of genealogy beginning with the church records from about 1550 up into the present. Many immigrants are included and with the index it is possible to discover, who your immigrant ancestors were and which line they belonged to, going back many generations. Since all the families have been included in this book, your ancestors are certainly there. The older generations are completly accounted for, but there are a few individuals missing in the younger generations. Most of the families are located in Germany, but also many lines who immigrated to America can be found until the present.
This book is not merely a book of name lists and adresses, but it also includes essential genealogical informations such as important dates for each person and relational ties. Each individual Aldinger family unit is listed by the father's name followed by his wife and children in their birthorder. A short paragraph following the listing indicates his parents, making it easy to follow the family line back to 1550 or 1600.
Once again, the book "Die Aldinger" provides you with important and interesting informations on your Aldinger family and has nothing to do with offers like the ones of the Genealogy Company in Bath, Ohio. Believe us, you'll love it.

A part of the introductary pages of this volume is translated in English and contains many interesting contributions from the Aldinger family history, information on outstanding personalities, immigrants and pictures of the 500 year-reunion.

Roughly the next 400 pages contain the genealogical pedigree charts with an index of abbreviations and sources and a short summary for each individual family line. Also a nonspeaking-German will have no problems in understanding and following this part of the book. The volume includes also an index of first names of the Aldinger's. In the back of the book you will find a registration form, so that your name can be included in the next volume to pass on the next generation.
There were technical problems involved in preparing an index for non-Aldinger's who married into the family and an index for places, a lot of American places, by the time this publication went to press. Therefore we are attempting to publish an appendix volume which would include 45 pages of this addition information, if we get enough subscribers in a foreseeable amount of time.

The price of "Die Aldinger" is $ 87.00 incl. posting and shipping, the additional index is $ 15.00 incl. posting and shipping, or you can order both for $ 100.00 incl. posting and shipping.

If you are interested in this unique opportunity, please fill out and send back the orderform you prefer, either through mail or via the Internet, mail your personal check or moneyorder and you will get "Die Aldinger" immediately.

So now, we invite you to come along with us to discover your ancestors. We think you'll enjoy it and we are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely yours,

Manuel Aicher
Manuel Aicher Genealogical Research

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