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As written in the introduction of the index of the book "Die Aldinger", it should have included several parts which would be very helpful in using the book and finding your way through the descendant's lists. Due to technical problems this was impossible by the time the book went to press. If the demand is great enough the compiler of the book intends to publish the missing indexes in an appendix volume. This volume would contain:

Surname index of the non-Aldinger's~ 25 pages
Index of the numbers of the Aldinger individuals     ~12 pages
Index of places~4 pages

This appendix volume will total contain about 45 pages, including an introduction. It can be ordered in advance for $ 15.00. In case there are too few subscribers to realize the additional appendix, your check will be refunded.

If you are interested in purchasing the book "Die Aldinger" and/or the appendix volume, please fill out either the printable order form or the online-order.

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